VS Signage System – How it works

Step-By-Step Guide:

Choosing your office or building signage has never been easier! Below is the VS Signage step-by-step guide on How It Works:

Choose a VS profile – VS Curved or VSF Flat? Both profiles can integrate into any project requirements. The curved has a traditional elegant look, while the flat has a more modern sleek look.
Choose a sign type and size. Whether it is for office nameplates or a complete building wayfinding package with washroom signs and fire evacuation plans, VS Signage has the solution.
Create your custom printed inserts on paper or clear transparencies as required and insert into the VS frame by simply removing the clear plastic cover.

Then the VS Signs you have ordered are ready to install. 

VS Signage System Profiles

How it works VS curved 158 x 158

VS – Curved Profile
The VS curved profile can be installed in either the landscape or portrait format.
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How it works - VSF sample 159 x 159


VSF – Flat Profile

The VSF flat profile has a clean, sleek look for its finished signs. The VSF profile can also be installed in either landscape or portrait format.